Mustard flavor mustard essential oil synthetic mustard essential oil allyl isothiolate Apr 28, 2022
Haibei flavor Co., Ltd., located in Hefei, is one of the earliest manufacturers of mustard products in China. Its main products are mustard essence, allyl isothiolate, powdered mustard essence, natural mustard essence, mustard powder, etc.

Haibei flavor Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest manufacturers in China to obtain the industrial production license for synthetic mustard flavor. The purity of its products is more than 99%. It is the largest supplier of mustard oil and green mustard and spicy products in China. Its annual production capacity is 500 tons, meeting the needs of customers at home and abroad. Its products are also widely used in medicine, chemical industry, mold prevention, corrosion prevention and other industries.

Haibei flavor Co., Ltd. has introduced foreign advanced mustard essence production and purification process. It has a strong scale. It has a super technical R & D team, a perfect quality management system, a high-quality staff team, testing equipment, meteorological chromatograph, super constant temperature water bath pot, etc. to ensure the stability of product quality. Its products sell well in China, North America, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other places. It is praised by the majority of users as a "quality wins" manufacturer.

Company tenet: quality for survival, reputation to win customers

Operating counter shock; User first, quality first, service first and reputation first

Company slogan: health is happiness and longevity is benefit
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